Audiohooks is a production music library with a quality before quantity approach, meaning, limited high quality releases, all with a specific concept and vision, largely dictated by the industries’ needs and deficiencies.

Our team is deeply rooted in the production music world with music supervision and sub-publishing backgrounds (not to mention the occasional gigging in our spare time), resulting in direct experience picking the right music for any thinkable production and detailed know-how on what our worldwide clients and partners need.

Dialling in on the minutiae whilst not forgetting about the bigger picture tends to run through everything we do (Well… We try to keep it that way at least), thus we’ve split our catalogue into several labels - every single one focusing on different music, both production and style-wise.

We are:

Wonders - Good ol’ Trailer music with high-octane banging drums, intense risers and glass-shattering drops - all that good stuff!

Broadcasters - Music for a vast array of Film & TV productions - anything and everything from blockbusters to cooking shows.

Storytellers - Music for Advertising and all sorts of promotional content from commercial-sounding catchy melodies to narration-friendly groovy underscores.

Explorers - In a nutshell - local flavors. This includes folk, traditional instruments & sounds, region-specific pop music etc. – music that has some sort of territorial or cultural element to cater for any local productions’ needs.

Maestros - The home of classical and orchestral music with arrangements of public domain hits, original film music compositions and avant-garde minimalism, we aim to cover everything one would consider classical music.

Trendsetters - Aimed at social media & web content. With influencers, vloggers, bloggers and YouTubers rapidly taking over the world, we felt that they deserve a dedicated label to match their overclocked creativity.

Our musical ideas and album concepts are communicated to composers through detailed briefs, which are sent to hand-picked talents that we feel are best suited to get the job done. Of course, we always welcome any music submissions and whenever possible, try to conceptualize it in a way that fits our approach to production music.