Music Submissions

Want to be part of our merry band of composers and join our quest to providing not just any, but the right music for productions? Well, look no further!

Audiohooks is always on the lookout for talented composers and artist who see production music as a pathway to endless possibilities and have nothing against having their music published by sub-publishers around the world for as long as there is a production industry. Just fill in the form below and sit back. We promise to go through every single submission, but please note that we might not respond immediately. We can be a bit picky sometimes and finding the best in a sea of greatness does take time.

By sending your submission, you confirm to own all the different rights to the music and that you are not infringing upon any copyrights whatsoever. Your submission does not guarantee acceptance, but may be a start of a wonderful new adventure.

And before you ask…

- Audiohooks does not operate with a buy-out model, but licenses the represented music via sub-publishers for different productions around the world.

- Audiohooks gains worldwide rights to the music exclusively in perpetuity, to properly represent the works as production music.

- We sign tracks not composers - meaning the agreement only affects the musical works transferred to Audiohooks and not the composer’s past or future compositions.

For more information just send us your submission and we’ll explain the rest in due course. No stress!